Quality Assurance/ Software Testing

Quality Assurance Testing is an imperative part of the software development process. By identifying and correcting errors in the early stages of development, QA testing ultimately saves money and ensures that applications perform to the defined specifications. Testing services on the highest level include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

At Elegant Solutions, we utilize Manual, Automated, Blackbox and Whitebox testing methods, which allow us to perform assessments and properly design and conduct tests to address specific situations. Our testing process includes:

  • Requirement Understanding/Analysis
  • Test Plan Establishment
  • Test Case Execution
  • Bug Tracking
  • Test Case Optimization
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Result, Bug Report and Test Report Generation

Ultimately, our QA testing speeds the time to market, increases productivity and enables our clients to provide quality software products to their end users.